Teams prepare to fly

NNSL Staff |
March 3, 2016
photo courtesy of First Air

photo courtesy of First Air

In a matter of days, the biggest sporting event North of the 55th parallel – the 2016 Arctic Winter Games in Nuuk, Greenland – will kick off.
Team NWT will be sending a team of 325 athletes, coaches, managers, cultural delegates and mission staff. Team Nunavut will be sending a team of 191 to Greenland and that includes 154 athletes, six cultural participants, 21 team coaches and managers and 10 mission staff.
Team NWT flights begin March 4 with charter flights operated by First Air heading into Kangerlussuaq, Greenland as Nuuk’s airport cannot handle a Boeing 737. From there, the athletes will be herded onto smaller Dash-8 aircraft and flown into Nuuk. Team Nunavut flights begin March 4 with the first two planeloads heading directly to Nuuk.
The bantam boys and junior girls hockey teams will be heading right back to Iqaluit following the opening ceremony on March 6 and will begin play the next day. The opening ceremony itself happens at 12 p.m. Nuuk time on March 6.