Visiting Iqaluit: Attractions

NNSL Staff | Iqaluit
February 17, 2016

1304tym$11Though Iqaluit may be small, there are still plenty of activities and events for visitors to check out. The city offers a variety of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for adventure.

While visiting during the Arctic Winter Games, kite ski on the sea ice of Frobisher Bay, hitch a ride on a dog sled, or grab a map and explore the city. No matter what your activity level, there’s plenty to see and do in Iqaluit.

Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum

A definite must-see! Formerly a Hudson Bay Company building, this museum is home to displays of traditional Inuit clothing and tools, and modern works of art. Many Nunavut jewelry makers and artists showcase their work here. Entrance to the museum is free and self-guided tours are available.

Location: 212 Sinaa Street

Phone: 867-979-5537

Unikkaarvik Visitors Centre

Located next to the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum, this centre is the perfect place to kick off your Iqaluit visit. Maps and brochures are available to get you started, and staff can help arrange anything from trips with local outfitters to your own personalized adventure.

Location: 220 Sinaa Street

Phone: 867-979-4636

Legislative Assembly

In addition to its unique architecture and furnishings, the Legislative Assembly is the centre of Nunavut’s government and is well worth the visit. Call ahead to book a tour, complete with an interpreter if needed.

Location: 926 Federal Road

Phone: 867-975-5000

Road to Nowhere

While not an official tourist destination, the Road to Nowhere is well-known amongst those in Iqaluit. Winding its way through lakes across the tundra, this road ends a few kilometres outside the city. It’s a popular camping spot, and you can often see tents pitched beside the shallow lakes as you drive along. While the sign that marks the Road to Nowhere makes for a great photo opportunity, people have been known to steal it as a souvenir from time to time. You can always buy your own Road to Nowhere sign from one of the city’s many gift shops to take home.

Location: Entrance to Road to Nowhere


Apex got its start as an Inuit community near the Frobisher Bay military base after it was founded in the 1940s. Only a short drive from the city centre, the view is well worth the trip. Apex is known to be a little more traditional than Iqaluit, and is a great spot to get a glimpse of traditional Inuit life. Old Hudson Bay Company buildings can be found along the beach, which has an incredible view.

Location: Hudson Bay Buildings


Source: Iqaluit Visitor’s Guide