Visiting Iqaluit: Dining

NNSL Staff | Iqaluit
February 17, 2016

You can find a variety of dining options in Iqaluit, ranging from hamburgers to local food like Arctic char and everything in between. For the not-so-adventurous, restaurants offer standard Canadian fare such as steak and potatoes, and typical lunch items, like soups and sandwiches.
But if you’re looking for a real taste of the Arctic, many restaurants will have menu items created with tradition in mind, such as muskox burgers or caribou stew. Make sure to check with your server before ordering, as these items can vary in availability.

Partaking in a community feast

Partaking in a community feast

For the more adventurous, you may be lucky enough to participate in a community feast. Local hunters will donate food for these events, which can include seal, beluga, and even bowhead whale. During a feast, cardboard is placed on the floor of a community hall or arena and everyone gathers around to eat and share.
Food was traditionally eaten raw and frozen, and many items, like caribou, are still eaten that way today. However, at modern community feasts, you can always expect cooked items such as caribou stew and bannock to be available as well. Feel free to join in and experience a true taste of Inuit tradition.


The Gallery Fine Dining Room At The Frobisher Inn – 505 D Astro Hill Terrace

The Granite Room At The Discovery Lodge Hotel – 1056 Mivvik Street

Grind & Brew – 979-0606 for pizza delivery

I Like Cake  – 626 Queen Elizabeth II Way

Navigator Inn – 1036 Mivvik Street

The Snack Y2K – 163 Nipisa Street

Storehouse Bar & Grill – 505 D Astro Hill Terrace

Waters’ Edge Seafood & Steakhouse And The Kickin Caribou Pub – 923 Federal Road

Yummy Shawarma – 1089E Mivvik Street 


Caribrew Café – 505 D Astro Hill Terrace

Plateau Café Starbucks – 5100 Qajisarvik Road

Tim Horton’s (NorthMart) – 228 Queen Elizabeth II Way

Tim Horton’s (Apex Quickstop) – 2227 Niaqunngusiariaq

Tim Horton’s (Inuksugait Plaza Quickstop) – 1104 C Inuksugait Plaza